Robot Wants Kitty

Robot Wants Kitty 2.0

Who says a Robot doesn't need a pet?


  • Cute, fast paced version of retro platforming
  • Nice puzzles


  • Repetitive music
  • Little replay value


Robot Wants Kitty is a futuristic iOS platformer. The name of the game tells you the story - you're a robot, who wants the kitty!

The mechanics of every Robot Wants Kitty level are the same. You begin as an almost useless machine, that can simply roll left or right. Finding the right route through a map will reward you with the power to jump, and later shoot, double jump, make sad computers happy and more! Everywhere there are deadly enemies to avoid, and the occasional larger boss to beat.

Robot Wants Kitty plays like a miniature Metroid, although it's much cuter, as that game didn't feature a kitty! However, the essence is the same. While there are in game maps, Robot Wants Kitty would be improved if you could look down - sometimes you will fall unfairly into a pool you couldn't see.

If you're looking for some five minute platform fun, Robot Wants Kitty is pretty good. There is nothing unique about it bar the name, but it is nevertheless pretty playable.

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Robot Wants Kitty


Robot Wants Kitty 2.0

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